Food. We all eat it and most of us like it. Where it’s grown and how, though, can have both huge environmental and health impacts. A lot of the food we eat comes from large intensive farms. Intensive farming requires nutrient rich soil but with each crop, nutrients are extracted from the soil. To keep the… Continue reading Grub


I recently travelled to South Africa which, for me, highlighted the contrast between the developed and developing worlds in a beautifully humbling way. And humbling it should be, for those of us concerned about the consequences of climate change, because it is those in the developing world who are at most risk from rising sea levels… Continue reading Energised


Let’s talk about Waste. We produce a lot of it here in Australia yet it doesn’t get as much press as other forms of waste such as emissions from energy or transport. On average each Australian produces more than two tonnes of waste every year. Around half of that is recycled (depending on which state… Continue reading Composting